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Distance education has particular significance for open learning approaches, because it has demonstrated great potential for increasing openness in learning, and has also been shown to be a cost-effective method of education. In brief, distance education describes a collection of methods for the provision of structured learning.

It avoids the need for learners to discover the curriculum by attending classes frequently and for long periods. Rather, it aims to create a quality learning environment using an appropriate combination of different learning resources,tutorial support, peer group discussion, and practical sessions.

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Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator Trainingassessor moderator-large

The above courses prepare a individual for a wonderful career in training. We offer comprehensive and self paced courses in this regard. World class support ensures that the students completes this course with confidence…..

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Get your Training Company Accreditedcertificate resized-large

Training is a critical need in South Africa. There is a dire need to get more companies accredited to offer this service. At Annacol, we are able to asssit you with this process due to our years of experience……

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Hospitality Training


The hospitality industry is made up of a broad category of fields within the service industry. This is a several billion dollar industry that is dependent on the availability of leisure time and disposable income…….

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About Annacol

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Annalee Howell formed Bryanlee Publishers and Consultants in 1999 as a Sole Prop which became BPC Training Consultants CC to write learning materials / training manuals…….

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